Travel diary Peru: the magnificent Machu Picchu

Travel diary Peru

You can’t skip Machu Picchu when you’re traveling to Peru. I arrived just after sunrise and was blown away, what a view! In this blog, I’ll tell you about Machu Picchu and my last days in Peru.

The end of the Inca Trail: Machu Picchu

At the last night on the Inca Trail, we had to get up at 3 in the morning, to be the first at the gate. There we had to wait for 2 more hours before it opened (it was freezing!) and then it was a crazy race to walk (or run) on the last part of the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate. It was completely mad, people were passing me, and almost falling off the steep cliffs on the side of the trail. I walked pretty fast but stayed to the safe side of the mountain, and still was one of the first to reach the Sun Gate. That’s the first time I saw Machu Picchu, a magnificent view and what a fantastic feeling!

Machu Picchu - half in de schaduw

It took us quite some time to reach the ruins, we just couldn’t stop taking pictures. When we arrived at Machu Picchu, we were in shock. After three days of hiking in silence, we were surrounded by lots of other tourists, so weird! We got a great tour with our fantastic guides and learned a lot about this beautiful and mysterious city. Although it was the most crowded place I’ve visited in Peru, it was definitely a highlight.

Machu Picchu - groepsfoto

Machu Picchu - MP 3

Machu Picchu - MP lamas

We spent all morning at Machu Picchu, had lunch in Aguas Calientes and took the train back to Ollantaytambo. It was really strange to be in ‘the real world’ again!

Machu Picchu - Aguas Calientes trein

Back in Cusco

After a two-hour bus ride, we arrived in Cusco. I said goodbye to the group and went to my hostel, where I had a very rewarding shower (first one in four days). I still had one day left in Cusco and the weather was amazing. Sun was shining, so I spent all day walking around and chilling on a bench at different squares. I love this city!

Lima 2 - Cuzco plaza

The next morning it was time to leave. I flew from Cusco to Lima and the views of the Andes mountains were amazing. I hope I will come back someday!

Lima 2 - besneeuwde bergtoppen

One more day in Lima

In Lima, I treated myself to a nice hotel for my final night in Peru. I still had a morning and an afternoon before my flight to Amsterdam would leave, so I went out and explored a bit more! I walked along the boulevard in Miraflores to the colorful Barranco district. What a fantastic place to discover! If I ever go back to Lima, I will definitely pick a hostel or hotel in this area, it’s so much nicer than Miraflores.

Machu Picchu - coastline Miraflores

Machu Picchu - library Barranco

Machu Picchu - streetart Barranco

After this fun trip, it was time to leave Peru. Back to Amsterdam! Besides having some bad luck, it was another fantastic journey. I loved being in South America for the first time and would love to explore some more countries, like Bolivia, Chile, and Ecuador. I’ll be back!

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Machu Picchu

Travel diary Peru: the magnificent Macchu Picchu

Travel diary Peru: the magnificent Macchu Picchu

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