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Every year, my mom and I spent Easter in a European city. This year it was the capital of Germany: Berlin. Even though the weather was extremely bad, we made the most of it en enjoyed ourselves a lot. In my travel diary Berlin I’ll tell you all about it.


When we arrived on Friday afternoon, the sun was shining! Our first stop was Alexanderplatz, which was filled with food stalls. Everybody was drinking beer and eating currywurst (German sausage), so I was pretty sure I was in Germany!
Travel diary Berlin - Alexanderplatz

In this area, you’ll also find the iconic Fernsehturm and the Rotes Rathaus (town hall). A nice place to start the weekend in Berlin!

Travel diary Berlin- fernsehenturm

Travel diary Berlin - Rotes Rathaus

Famous landmarks

The next day it was raining non-stop, no fun! We wanted to check out one of the museums on the Museumisland, but everybody else in Berlin had pretty much the same idea. We bought tickets online for the afternoon and started walking around. During our walk we spotted some of the most famous landmarks in Berlin:


Travel diary Berlin - Gendarmermarkt

Checkpoint Charlie

Travel diary Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie

The Berlin Wall

Travel diary Berlin - Berlin Wall

Holocaust Memorial

Travel diary Berlin - Holocaust 2

Brandenburger Tor

Travel diary Berlin - Brandenburger Tor


After a long walk, we headed to back to Museumisland, where you’ll find the Berliner Dom and multiple great museums.
Travel diary Berlin- Dom

Travel diary Berlin - museumisland
We decided to spend some time exploring the Neues Museum, a museum filled with Egyptian art. I find it very impressive that all these pieces are still in very good shape after 2000+ years, it’s amazing to see.
Travel diary Berlin- Neues Museum

What to do when the weather is really bad

The next day, the weather got even worse. We tried to go for a walk, but we after 10 minutes we called it quits and booked tickets for a hop on hop off bus. I rarely take buses like these, but in this case, it was our best option. We chose to do a tour in East-Berlin, where we made a stop at the East Side Gallery. This is a long part of the Berlin Wall, with a lot of colorful murals painted on the wall.
Travel diary Berlin - east side gallery

Travel diary Berlin - east side gallery 2

After enjoying the views of the East Side Gallery, we decided to check out the Jewish Museum. Since they are remodeling, there was only an exhibition about Jerusalem. But the building itself is very impressive to see, with long corridors and high ceilings.
Travel diary Berlin - holocausttower

Afterwards, it was still raining, so we decided to spent our last night in Berlin having drinks in nice bars and a long dinner.
Travel diary Berlin - cocktails

Unfortunately, Berlin wasn’t as interesting as I expected, but I’m sure it was mostly the weather ruining the mood. Maybe someday I’ll go back when it’s sunny because there are many places left for me to explore in Berlin!

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Travel diary Berlin

Travel diary Berlin

Travel diary Berlin

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