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10 years ago, I took a couple of books, a notebook, and a compact camera with me when I was traveling. Nowadays my bags are filled with electronics. In this blog, I’ll tell you about my favorite travel electronics.

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A camera

Travel electronics - sony a6000

Since I was 16, I take a camera with me on every single trip. The past few years it was my DSLR (Canon EOS 1100D). I can make some beautiful pictures with this camera, but it’s very big and heavy. A couple of months ago, I just bought myself a Sony A6000, which also makes some great photos. And it’s much smaller. I can’t wait to try it during my trip to Peru and Bolivia in July.


Travel electronics - e-reader

I read a lot when I’m traveling, especially when I travel solo. I used to bring at least four books with me, and those were very heavy. Now I’m only bringing my e-reader, on which I can store 1000s of books. And I can easily finish three to four books without charging it, which is great.


travel electronics - laptop

Ever since I started writing for my travel blog, I took a tablet with me, to write blog posts. But typing on a tablet was hard and resizing pictures was almost impossible on my tablet. So now I’m bringing my laptop instead. It’s definitely heavier, but also a lot faster to work with, so I have more time to explore a new country. I recently bought an HP Pavilion, which is light and fast, so perfect for my upcoming travels.

Action camera

Travel electronics - Action Cam

On most of my trips, I also bring an action camera. Those are especially good for making travel movies en pictures under water. You can buy a very good GoPro right away, or first practice filming with a cheaper version, like this SJCAM.

Power bank

travel electronics - Power bank

With all these electronic devices you will need a power bank, especially when you’re on the road. Make sure to buy one with multiple outlets, so you can charge multiple travel electronics at the same time.

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