How to survive a jet lag?

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My internal clock is very strong (I wake up at exactly the same time every day), so it’s really hard for me to adapt to a new time zone when I’m traveling. It can be very difficult to come over a jet lag. Luckily, I’ve learned some tricks in the past few years to get over my jet lag a little faster. I’ll share them with you in this article.

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– Before you book: check the times you want to fly. It’s easier to adapt to the new time zone when you arrive in the late afternoon, so you can go to sleep a couple of hours after you land. It’s really hard when you arrive in the early morning because you’ll have to stay awake for a long day.

– Are you flying to the west? Try to stay awake a little longer a couple of days before you leave. And when you’re flying to the east, get up a little earlier. It only helps a little, but everything counts, right?

– The best thing: don’t stress about the jet lag. It will affect you, but if you’re worried about it, it will affect you even more. Make sure to get to the airport on time, it will reduce your stress.

Change the time when you board the plane

When you’re on the plane, the first thing to do: change the time on your watch and phone (and all the other devices you’re carrying). If it’s nighttime at your destination, try to get some rest. If it’s daytime, stay awake. Especially when it’s a long flight, it’s easier to adapt to your new time zone when you start on the plane.

Relax during your flight

Jet lag sun rise

Try to relax as much as possible during your flight and drink plenty of water. Most people tell you to avoid alcohol when you’re flying, but for me, it doesn’t make a difference. One glass of wine usually makes me more relaxed. Don’t know what to do during the long flight? Check out my article How to survive a long-haul flight.

When you arrive: do as the locals do

Try to get used to the daily routine as fast as possible when you arrive. Don’t take naps in the afternoon, stay awake until it’s time to sleep. It will be hard the first few days, but you will overcome your jet lag so much faster.

Take it easy

Take your time to adapt. You will not get used to the new time zone right away, but every hour you stay awake longer (or wake up earlier) counts.

Use your jet lag

Jet lag sun rise

Did you know jet lags can be very useful? Especially when you fly to the west, you wake up really early. Great time to catch that awesome sunrise!

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How to survive a jet lag

How to survive a jet lag

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