How to survive a hostel? Hostel tips for thirty-somethings

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If you’re a solo traveler, you know it can be hard to find affordable accommodation. There is one solution for this problem: staying in a hostel. But do you really want to do that as a thirty-something? In the past few years, I’ve been sleeping in hostels more often and really enjoyed it! In this article, I’ll share hostel tips for thirty-somethings.

Find the perfect location

Especially in large cities, it is hard to find decent accommodation. Luckily you’ll find most of the hostels in expensive cities. When you start to look for a place to stay, check out the area(s) you would like to stay in. Are there a lot of (cheap) bars? Avoid that area at all costs, unless you prefer not to sleep and party with all the 18-year-olds. Try to find a hostel in a nice neighborhood, outside of the bar strip. Make sure it’s easy to get there, either with public transport, or your own car.

Check the reviews

How to survive a hostel as a thirty-something - review
One of the best things about traveling in this decade is reviews. People tell each other everything about the places where they’ve been. On the website Hostelworld (a great resource for finding a hostel) they added an age-range in the reviews. Like this, it is easy to spot the party hostels and find hostels where people your age prefer to stay in.

Dorm or private room?

In a hostel, you can pick different kind of rooms, usually a dorm or a private. Private rooms are nice but small and pricey. So I’d prefer to sleep in a dorm if it saves a lot of money. Try to stay away from hostels where dorms have 10+ beds, you won’t get any sleep in those (people coming in at all times). I always try to pick a dorm that has 4 to 6 beds. They are a little more expensive than the bigger ones, but you probably get more sleep and the other guests will probably be a little older than the guests in the 10-person dorm.

What is included?

Before you book, check what’s included during your stay in the hostel. Sometimes you have to bring your own towel and I’ve also been in a hostel where you had to bring your own cooking accessories. It’s always good to bring a small lock, so you can store your luggage in one of the lockers (if they are available).

Why you should stay in a hostel

Staying in a hostel has more perks than you can imagine.

It’s cheap

The most obvious reason to stay in a hostel: it saves you loads of money. When I traveled through Australia, I could barely find decent hotels for less than $150 a room. For a bed in a dorm, I usually paid $17-$35. If you travel for 3 weeks, you save at least $2400, ridiculous right?

Fun activities

How to survive a hostel as a thirthy-something - activities
Most hostels organize fun nights on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re interested in meeting new people, this is the place to be. You bond quickly over pub quizzes, margaritha night or a BBQ-night.

You can cook your own meal

After weeks of traveling, and eating out, it’s so nice to have a home cooked meal! Also, when you’re on a budget, this is way cheaper than eating out (or take away).

You meet similar minded people

You have something in common with the other people in your hostel: you’re all travelers. It’s really nice to talk about the places you’ve been and where you want to go. Maybe your new travel buddies know the best places to eat or stay at your next destination.

Do you stay in hostels when you’re traveling?

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