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Capitol Reef National Park is one of the hidden gems in the Southwest of the United States. Compared to all the other National Parks in Utah, there are no crowds at all. It’s a beautiful park to explore, and there are many beautiful trails. In this article, I’ll take you on a short hike on the Fremont River Trail.

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Fruita campground

Capitol Reef - fruita campground

Fruita campground is a first serve, first come campground in the middle of Capitol Reef National Park. It’s one of the most beautiful campgrounds I’ve ever stayed at. You can put your tent (or RV) in one of the big camping spots in the green valley and enjoy the views of the big red mountains around you. In the mornings and late in the afternoon, there’s a big chance of seeing deer walking around the campground.

Capitol Reef National Park - deer

When you walk around the campground, you probably find some old attributes, that belong to the Mormons, who used to live in this valley.
Capitol Reef National Park - history

Fremont River Trail

Capitol Reef - fremont river trail 1

Along the campground, you can find a trail next to the river. This is the start of the Fremont River Trail. You won’t see a lot of the river, because of all the bushes. You will pass an orchard filled with apricot trees, and you can pick as many apricots if you like (as long as you eat them all). A nice snack during your hike!

Capitol Reef National Park - orchard

Capitol Reef National Park - abricot

Capitol Reef - fremont river trail

Going up

Capitol Reef National Park - going up

After a short hike along the river, it’s time to climb! When you’re walking uphill, don’t forget to look behind you every once in a while. The views are amazing! You will also be able to see the Fremont
River when you’re going up.

Capitol Reef National Park - view half way

Capitol Reef - fremont river

Capitol Reef National Park - rocks

What an amazing view!

It won’t take long before you reach the top of the mountain, and it’s beautiful up here!

Capitol Reef National Park - rocks 2

Capitol Reef National Park - trail on the mountain

When you walk to the edge of the mountain, you will see the valley with the campground. A beautiful view, the green valley and the colorful mountains surrounding it.

Capitol Reef National Park - viewpoint

Capitol Reef National Park - view

The Fremont River Trail is very short and about 2 kilometers long. It’s a very nice hike when you’re staying at the Fruita Campground. It’ll show you the beauty of Capitol Reef National Park. As I mentioned earlier, compared to all the other National Parks in Utah, this park is very nice and quiet. A great place to relax for a while during a hectic (but awesome) road trip in the southwest of the United States.

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Hiking in Capitol Reef National Park

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