Hiking in Bryce Canyon: Queens Garden & Navajo Trail

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Hiking in Bryce Canyon is something I can highly recommend. Walking in the canyon surrounded by the impressive red hoodoos is amazing. In this article, I’ll show you around the Queens Garden & Navajo Trail.

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Sunrise Point

From the parking lot, you walk towards one of the most famous viewpoints of Bryce Canyon: Sunrise Point. Right next to the viewpoint is the start of the trail to Queens Garden.
Hiking in Bryce Canyon - view from sunrise point

Queens Garden

After only a short descent, you’re standing in the middle of the hoodoos. From the viewpoints, you can only see them from the top and it’s such an incredible view to see them up close!
Hiking in Bryce Canyon - hoodoos in Queens Garden

The landscape seems to chance when you descend further into the canyon. More and more trees and it’s getting a little cooler, which is nice if you’re hiking during a hot summer day. The red rocks and the green trees are a perfect match for a colorful picture.

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - Queens Garden

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - trees and red hoodoos

In Queens Garden, you might see a hoodoo that looks like Queen Victoria (hence the name). I completely missed it during my hike, but Google tells me it looks like this.

In the canyon

To get to the bottom of the canyon, you have to go through an arch, which I thought was really cool. There’s also a lot of squirrels wandering around looking for food, so keep yours in your bag.

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - arch in Bryce Canyon

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - squirrel

At the bottom of the canyon, it looks like you’re walking in a forest with red walls, what an amazing landscape!

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - canyon floor

Navajo loop & Two Bridges

After a short walk at the bottom of the canyon, it’s time to climb up again. You will see an intersection with two routes to go up again: Wall Street (with good-looking hoodoos) or Two Bridges. I chose to do check out the Two Bridges and it was definitely an interesting view.

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - Two bridges

The climb up has a lot of steep switchbacks (luckily for me they were still in the shade). Stop a couple of times to enjoy the view, it’s well worth it.

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - switchbacks

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - selfie

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - Trail Navajo Loop

Sunset Point

Right before you reach Sunset Point (the end of the trail) I looked back at the canyon and I was finally able to see the Queen Victoria hoodoo!

Hiking in Bryce Canyon - Sunset Point

A nice ending for this great hike in Bryce Canyon.

Extra information & tips

– Do you want to go hiking in Bryce Canyon during the hot summer months as I did? Start around 8 in the morning, in that case, you will be out of the canyon before it gets too hot.
– Take plenty of water. You won’t find any in the canyon.
– A lot of websites state you have to start at Navajo Loop and end at Queens Garden to hike this trail. I got a tip to do it the other way around because this way you’ll have more shade when you’re hiking up again.
– The trail is about 4,6 kilometers (2.9 miles) and it will take about 1,5 to 2 hours to complete.
– Check the official website of Bryce Canyon for the latest information.

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Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

Hiking in Bryce Canyon

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