Coming up: My big trip! | Road trip USA, the PCT & Mexico

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I almost can’t believe it: my big trip is finally here! Tomorrow I’ll start my journey, and will I be traveling in the USA and Mexico for four months.

Last travel arangements

Road trip in Southwest USA - Joshua Tree

About two months ago, I told you about my awesome travel plans for 2019. My plan is to fly to Las Vegas, Nevada and chill there for a couple of days. Then I will drive Joshua Tree National Park and go tent camping. After a night of stargazing, I will drive to San Diego where I will start my 5-week section hike of the Pacific Crest Trail on April 5th. After 5 weeks of hiking, I’ll fly to Honolulu, Hawaii and go explore three islands in Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, and Big Island). Then I’ll fly to Portland, Oregon for a 4-week road trip including Yellowstone. I’ll spend the last month of my 4-month trip in Mexico, where I hope to relax and explore Yucatan.

Since my last update, I’ve booked all of the flights and made reservations for rental cars and a couple of campgrounds. I also was able to get some cool permits, for a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial (Pearl Harbour) and a sunrise permit for Haleakala National Park (Maui). I’m still looking for some other awesome things to do during my trip, so if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below!

Prepping for the Pacific Crest Trail

Besides buying a lot of interesting gear, the most important thing to prepare for a big hike like this is of course hiking. Besides hiking to work multiple times a week (4.5 kilometers one-way), I’ve been doing some longer hikes (18-23 kilometers) during the weekends. One of the best hikes was the one in an area called Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, a beautiful reserve near the town of Zandvoort (only 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam) with lots of dunes and forest. I also saw many deer during my hike, so beautiful!

Coming soon - My big trip - road tripping, PCT and Mexico - Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen - deer

Coming soon - My big trip - road tripping, PCT and Mexico - Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Check this post: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for 5 weeks – my preparations

How’s the packing going?

It is hard! Since I’m doing four different trips in one, I need a lot of different things. Lightweight hiking and camping gear for the PCT, electronics for blogging and beachwear for Hawaii and Mexico. I’m trying to only bring things I can use in different ways. So far, it all fits in my pack (wooohooo), but it’s definitely not as ultralight as I was hoping. But I’ll probably shed some things (and buy some new stuff) when I’m on the road, so it will be fine!

Follow me on my journey

During my trip, I will update my social media regularly and will try to post a blog once a week. Would you like to follow me on my journey? Subscribe to one of these platforms:
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For now, it’s time to finish packing. I’m really excited and can’t wait to share all my adventures with you all!

Coming soon - my big trip - road trip USA - PCT - Mexico

Coming soon - my big trip - road trip USA - PCT - Mexico

Coming soon - my big trip - road trip USA - PCT - Mexico

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