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The Philippines

9 surprising things about The Philippines

My trip to The Philippines was one of my first trips to Asia. During my trip, I was surprised by certain things and habits in this beautiful country. In this article, I'll share the 9 things that surprised me the most in The Philippines.
The Philippines

Perfect 2-week itinerary Philippines

Two weeks is a very short time to explore The Philippines, but we can’t have it all. It’s enough to explore part of this beautiful country and relax a bit during your trip. In this blog, I’ll share my perfect 2-week itinerary for The Philippines.
The Philippines

Travel tips for The Philippines

More than 7500 islands filled with the most beautiful beaches, friendly people and the clearest water you’ll ever see. The Philippines is a great country to explore. But can you use your credit card everywhere? What about transport? In this article with my travel tips for The Philippines, I will …