Awesome themed hotels in Las Vegas

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Did you know there are many awesome themed hotels in Las Vegas? Especially at the Las Vegas Strip, you can visit New York, ancient Egypt, and Venice in just one night. In this article, I’ll share a couple of the best-themed hotels in Las Vegas.

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Budget $


Do you like fairy tales with knights, princesses, and castles? Excalibur is the place to be! In this hotel you feel like living in medieval times, there are swords and castle walls everywhere. Excalibur is also one of the cheaper casino hotels at the Las Vegas Strip, prices start at $23 a night (excluding resort fee.

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Top 10 Las Vegas - hotels
Are you interested in ancient Egypt? Then you will love Luxor! The hotel is known because of the large pyramid and the Sphinx. When you enter the hotel you will see a huge obelisk, very impressive view. Luxor is also one of the cheaper hotels, especially during weekdays, you can get a room for just $19 (excluding resort fee).

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A little more $$

New York, New York

The first themed-hotel I stayed at the Las Vegas Strip, was hotel New York, New York, and it was awesome! Everything in this hotel is about New York City. On the outside, you will see skyscrapers, the statue of liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. And when you enter the hotel you will feel like walking in the streets of New York. Prices start at $36 a night (excluding resort fee).

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MGM Grand

With over 6.800 rooms, the MGM Grand the largest hotel in the United States, and it’s also one of the largest hotels in the world. It doesn’t have a particular theme (I didn’t see it), but because it’s insanely big, it’s definitely worth a visit. You will get lost, but you won’t be bored, because every corner is filled with slot machines. And there are about 20 restaurants, bars, shops, and awesome shows. You really don’t have to leave this hotel (and that’s exactly what they want)! Room prices start at $46 (excluding resort fee).

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The Mirage

Travel diary Las Vegas - The Mirage
Do you like the tropics and volcanoes? Then you should take a look at The Mirage. In front of the hotel is a volcano that erupts a couple of times at night and inside you will see lots of palm trees. Behind the reception, there is a huge aquarium with beautiful and colorful fish. It makes standing in line not so bad! Of all the themed hotels in Las Vegas, this was my favorite. The beds are really good, a great view and very friendly staff. You can find nightly prices of $45 (excluding resort fee), but they can be $200 as well.

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Luxery $$$


Travel diary Las Vegas- Bellagio
The Bellagio is probably one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, because of the awesome fountain. You should definitely see one of the fountain shows while you’re in Las Vegas, but it’s also nice to take a look inside the Italian-themed hotel. Lots of marble, high ceilings, and paintings. In the lobby, you will find a huge colorful glass ceiling, very impressive. A stay in the Bellagio will cost you at least $94 (excluding resort fee).

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Aria is one of the newest hotels at the Las Vegas Strip, and one of the places I would really want to wake up some day. The rooms are very high-tech, you can operate lots of things (like airconditioning and curtains) with a tablet. If you run out of shampoo, there is a robot who can bring you some extra. How awesome is that? The buffet at Aria is one of the best buffets I’ve seen in Las Vegas, everything looks and tastes delicious. It’s not a cheap hotel, usually, prices start at $200 a night, but you might find a deal with prices around $103 a night (excluding resort fee).

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Good to know

Mlife versus

I use both websites for booking my hotels in Las Vegas. Check them both to get the best price. The best thing about is that you will see the complete price (including taxes and resort fee) right away. The best thing about Mlife is that you are able to see a full calendar with all the prices of each day (for a full year). You will also get Mlife points and if you spent enough (also on gambling), you might get freebies like complimentary parking or a complimentary room.

Resort fee

Resort fee is something you should know about before traveling to Las Vegas. This is a obligated fee, you have to pay when you stay in one of the hotels. They will tell you it’s for the use of the wifi, towels and the pool, but I think it’s a bit of a scam (to make the rooms look cheap). Depending on the hotel you’re staying in, it’s about $30-$40 a night. If you gamble a lot, they might waive the fee, but don’t count on it.


Unfortunately, parking is not free in Las Vegas. Every hotel has a huge parking garage and you have to pay about $10-$16 a day for a parking spot.

More themed-hotels

You will find more awesome themed hotels at the Las Vegas Strip, like Ceasars (Rome-themed) and the Venetian (Venice). I haven’t really explored these hotels (yet), so I can’t give a good review of these hotels. When I go back to Las Vegas, I’ll absolutely visit these hotels and update this list.

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Awesome themed hotels in Las Vegas

Awesome themed hotels in Las Vegas

Awesome themed hotels in Las Vegas

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