5 cities in Italy you will fall in love with


The cities in Italy are extremely beautiful. If you like old buildings, small streets, perfect plazas, you will feel right at home. In this article I’ll share five of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

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Cities in Italy - Florence

Ar you into arts & culture? Then you will absolutely love Florence! It’s filled with history and it houses one of the most famous art museums in the world: the Uffizi. It’s a must see, but make sure to make a reservation before you get there, the lines can be very long. Another famous landmark in Florence is Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge over the Arno River.


Cities in Italy - Milan

Do you love shopping? Then Milan is the place to be! Milan is famous for it’s fashion, you will find loads of great stores in this city. Even if you don’t like shopping, make sure to visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Italy’s oldest shopping mall and one of the most beautiful shopping malls in the world. Right next to it, you will find the Milan Cathedral, one of the largest churches in the world.


Cities in Italy - Lucca

If you prefer getting lost in small authentic cities, you should pay a visit to Lucca. You can find this gem close to Pisa (where you will find the famous tower of Pisa). Lucca is surrounded by an old citywall, and on this wall you can make a beautiful hike around the city. In the city center there are loads of small streets and beautiful plazas (like the oval Piazza Anfiteatro), where you can relax with a glass of Italian wine (or coffee). You can also climb the ancient Torre Guinigi, from the top you will have a great view of the city and the area around it.


Cities in Italy - Rome

For most people, their first visit to Italy is a citytrip to Rome. And for good reason, it’s one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. Pretty much every street corner houses a famous landmark and the churches, plazas, statues are all very impressive to see. My personal favourites: the Colosseum (one of the zeven wonders in the world), Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Vatican City.


Cities in Italy - Siena

Last but not least: Siena. When I visited this city, I instantly fell in love. In Siena you won’t find large boulevards like in Milan or Rome, the streets are extremely narrow and can be very steep. If you walk around in Siena, you get the feeling you’re starring in a mediaval movie. Twice a year the city is filled with people and horses, during the Palio di Siena. During these days, every department in the city sends out there best race horses, for a race on the famous Piazza del Campo. It’s amazing to see, since everybody is dressed up Game of Thrones style.

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Cities in Italy

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